Web Application Development

Have you ever wondered if all the current hype about technology can truly help your business become more efficient and productive? Yes, it can. Appconic will work closely with you to apply our proven process engineering logic and develop a custom web application that will help you solve your complex business problems. Elevate your business to the next level by leveraging the most popular technologies. These tools will simplify your day-to-day process and improve your business operations at multiple levels.

Mobile Application Development

Appconic specializes in developing end-to-end custom mobile solutions for iOS, Android and Blackberry devices. By creating multi-channel tools to continuously engage your customers in fascinating and innovative ways, you will efficiently leverage the latest technologies on the most widely used mobile platforms. The question is no longer whether mobile apps have revolutionized consumer habits and behaviors but rather if you have created the right mobile user experience environment to surprise and impress your target audience. We can help you achieve that result.

Enterprise Software

The Appconic team of software engineers apply cutting-edge and exciting new solutions to the development of enterprise level software. Great user experience, smooth UI and a meticulously designed infrastructure form the basis of a successful and widely used application software. Currently involved in our ERP solution initiative intended for the real estate vertical, we fully understand the critical need for a seamless integration across all departments within the enterprise ecosystem.

Website Design

At the very least, you expect your website to be dynamic, engaging, relevant and mobile friendly. At Appconic, we also believe that your website should evolve rapidly to respond to the fast changing pace of user habits and behaviors on mobile devices. With the average adult user spending more time online using mobile platforms than any other device, your website presence should be optimized and structured to respond to this high demand and on-the-go interactivity with your web content. We place high value on creative and fluid user experiences that promote further interactivity between the user and your brand.